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CleanWaves Express is not your typical Express Car Wash. Although we're structured for maximum throughput, we take the extra time to prep your car before entering the tunnel on our top 2 washes or as an add-on. Our equipment is some of the best available today, but since every car and truck are a little different, it's impossible to design a wash to clean those unique areas, such as grills, around license plates and mirrors. Our staff is trained to clean those areas. Most Express Car Washes will send you through without any prep, leaving you with a few problem areas. Some also have "do it yourself" bug prep stations allowing you to prewash and scrub bugs yourself. We know how important your time is and will do all that for you on our top 2 packages or as an add-on. We also provide, free vacuums, free drying micro fiber clothes and window cleaner for your convenience. Stop by and experience the CleanWaves difference. 

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